Images of God - The project roots

I am very, very grateful to the many Spiritual Teachers that have blessed me!
In the side is a a true Yoga master - Sri Aurobindo - whose writings are the deepest and clearest one can find.
In our collection in Images of God I include many Masters I met, such as Krishnamuti (India), Taugpulu Sayadaw (Burma), Dalai Lama and Kalu Rinposhe (Tibet), Baba Hari Dass (Babaji, India-Mouni) and many others. A big influence on me was Nisargadatta Maharaj known by the masterpeice ‘I am That’ (India), Mother Theresa (India), Saint John of the Cross (Spain), Saint Francis of Asissi (Italy) , Saint Theresa de Avila (Spain) , Saint Therese (France), Ramana Maharashi and Anada Mayi Ma, Ghandiji, Meher Baba, Aurobindo, Ramakrishna and Kirpal Singh -- all from India. Thus we are grateful to India for producing and supporting so many Spiritual Masters! Lets celebrate the stores opening on the day of India's independence - August 15.
--Raul (IOGRahula), founder, Images of God