The Law of Karma - a hard lesson

We often make the mistake of ignoring or not really noticing WHAT we say and HOW we say it. What is the tone of the voice, the intention. So we need to speak? Is anyone really listening - probably not!

Tibetan Buddhism explains very well how speech creates Karma, and that all speech has an intention behind it - the minds powers are used or misused...

In this story, that happened many years ago when I was about 18 and preparing to go to California (UCSD) to study Mathematics. I was in PR then in my family home and lived on a back house with my wife then Irma. We were returning from the store and had several 5 gallon heavy bottles of spring water. At that point I did yell at her in a very negative way, with no real reason for it - just a bad habit pattern. Note - the image is of broken artery on a field ion microscope.

Minutes after that the 5 gallon bottle i was carrying and placed in the floor for a moment - it then broke in half - it was made of glass. Instantly I was cut very deeply near the hand. A stream of blood came out about 5 inches long. My brother Ivan tried a tourniquet with no success, there was now a large pool of blood, my mother fainted when she saw the scene.

Ivan drove me quickly in panic to the nearest hospital - named the Auxilio Mutuo. Note: later we saw the glass the cut me - it was from 1 inch thick to a point - about 1 feet long! It was so sharp i did not feel the cut.

There a kind of funny event happened, My brother was in panic and could not enter the parking lot since a new automatic bar had been placed. There was no attendant. He could not figure out what to do (those things were new then).

To the right side there was a forest - inside the hospital grounds. I looked at it and then the miracle happened:

Suddenly a light came and all seemed VERY bright and so beautiful, infinite beauty, that all the fear i had was gone. In an instant. Time had stopped. I had left my body and mind and was so free! That was one of the first spiritual experiences I had. God himself had come and in an instant prepared me for death - how great it is. Death is a name for a non-existent event, we can not die. The death dies (the body) - but consciousness can not die, because its omnipresent and it is pure intelligence.

But then my brother figured the trick and took me to emergency. This is a very large hospital - one of the best in PR. i was so lucky it was close to home.

The surgeon came and prepared for a transfusion - but it was not needed. he tried to repair a broken nerve - but that finger still has no sensation. Some time later the janitor came around - she was pleased to tell me that she had cleaned all the blood I left on the way... I was freezing cold - lost so much blood.

The wound took years to heal - and is still there. A reminder of the dangers of creating bad karma. Better keep silent!