The first posters - a test order

This is an actual a recent story about 1 month ago - about July 4 2019

I ordered three posters - quite large - one each of Sri Ramana Maharashi, another of Sri Ananda Mayi Ma and the last a full color of Milarepa in the cave.

Ma's poster was way too fuzzy (the image in this post) for the size and it seems the image had some intrinsic lack of quality, which is common for old photos. The Mila's poster was perfect, and the Ramana image was a bit fuzy, but since it was large from afar it was perfect. He radiated awareness clearly on it.

I then placed the three of them on a sofa on the main family house in Isabela PR. I work in Humacao - since I work there on Microsoft. But there is no postal deliver there. So all mail is sent to my family house in Isabela. I wanted to see family's reactions to the posters - and most of them are not really interest in these things (my 'wife' Gloria and three children over 16 - Jose, Gaby and Miguel). The posters stay there for a week i was off. I knew they may manifest their power somehow???

Then one day Gabi, who goes to college and has a car, had an accident.

It turned out she was parked waiting for the red light, and a lady in a truck hit her car on the back! She was rattled but unharmed. The lady had lost control of the truck brakes. So for me, that was the miracle - she was protected by the Saints in the posters in the sofa (she saw them every day too).

Then the 2nd miracle. Her car, a used car, had very week night lights. The accident resulted in a large insurance payment. It helped her to repair the car (the back lights was broken), order new lights for the front, and even cover for future school expenses.

This is just one of many event I have witnessed over my life. Little by little i will share more of them. But believe me, if it was not for the protection of the Saints, I would NOT be alive today!